11 Interesting Facts About Ravana You Didn’t Know Before

Ever since we were born, we were thought Ravana is the villain of Ramayana. But a very few people actually know that even Ravana had a heart. He in some places is portrayed as a God. These lesser known facts about Ravana will make you think again whether you should really consider Ravana as the ultimate villain of the time.

interesting facts about ravana

Interesting Facts About Ravana:

1. We were told that Ravana was the one who kidnapped Sita. But according to the Jain version of Ramayana, Ravana was the father of Sita.

2. Ravana is called as Dashagriva because of his ten heads which signifies his enormous level of intelligence.

3. Ravana was Lord Brahman’s great grandson. Ravana was the son of famous rishi Vishravas who himself was the son of Prajapti Pulastya (Brahma’s one of  mind-born son)

4. Ravana was a scholar of Science and Medicine. His Pushpak Vimaan is a good example of his interest in science.

5. The Indian classical instrument Rudra Veena was invented by Ravana.

6. When Ravana was dying, Ram asked Lakshman to sit beside Ravana and gain the valuable knowledge about statecraft and diplomacy.

7. Ravana was against Casteism.

8. He was very good in astrology.

9. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

10. In several places of India and Sri Lanka, people worship Ravana.

11. According to some versions in Ramayana, some monkey army misbehaved with Ravana’s wife Mandodri. But Ravana accepted her without any Agni Pariksha.