25 Most Interesting Notes Ever Left On Car Windshields

Car windshield notes are the most interesting ways to convey your message to other drivers especially if they have annoyed you with their driving or parking. These notes are funny and witty sometimes. Today, we are going to show you some of the most interesting and funny notes ever left on car windshields.

Here is the list of 25 most incredible notes ever left on car windshields.

1. Who Taught You To Park? Stevie Wonder?

who taught you to park- car note left on car windshield

2. LOL.. The political humor. politics - note left on car windshield

3. What a way to escape… 😉sorry because you are rich - car windshield note

4. He looks concerned with the parking 😀he is concerned note left on car windshield

5. Hah.. Now, this is bit rude.. 😉this seems rude - car windshield note

6. I hit your car… It’s so shitty I don’t think you’ll notice. bad hand writing - car windshield note

7. I’m cursing you.. I learnt that online…cursing note on car windshield

8. Please, show some mercy on this poor soul… 🙁have some mercy - car windshield note

9. When are you going to learn the society rules?benefits of society - car windshield note

10. A gentle note by spiderman.spirderman - car windshield note

11. Take my words. Do not piss off this guy.never piss off - car windshield note

12. Ummm…That’s a new slang i learnt today.lol..that's mean- car windshield note

13. Doing it in office style. office style - car windshield note

14. That’s a friendly advice. Do not reproduce.do not reproduce -car windshield note

15. Dear Douchebag, learn how to park.douche - car windshield note

16. You suck at parking. Dislike!social media style - car windshield note

17. Never make potato clan angry.potato clan - car windshield note

18. Don’t park like a tool.dont park like a tool

19. Well, that escalated very quickly.car windshield note

20. There you go. What an achievement. Congratulations!achievement - car windshield note

21. Probably the best flyer. 😉amazing flyer for bad parking - car windshield note

22. Poetic talent speaks.poem - car windshield note

23. Remember, if Grumpy cat doesn’t like it, nobody likes it.grumpy cat - car windshield note

24. Seriously. Jesus Tapdancing Christ.jesus tap dancing christ - car windshield note

25. Parking 101 Lessons.

parking 101 lesson - car windshield note

Did you ever have any such incidents? Do share us with us in comments below. 🙂