Famous Hollywood Celebrity Mug Shots

Mug Shot! The photographic proof that a person has been captured by police after committing crimes. There are lots of celebs involved in controversies; call it an assault, brawl, or other crimes. Plenty of Hollywood superstars have been caught by police.

Justin Bieber: This mug shot of  Justin Bieber was taken after he was caught driving a car without a driving licence. When police caught him, he resisted his arrest and was charged for it too. Later he was released on $2500 bail.

Justin Bieber Mugshot

Robert Downey Jr.: He was arrested for various offences and has spent almost one year in jail.

Robert Downey Jr. Mugshot

Paris Hilton: She was charged with parole violation for previous DUI charge in 2007. She spent 23 days in jail.

paris hilton mugshot

Shia LaBeouf: His crime was that he was trespassing at a Walgreens road in 2007. Nothing happened as a punishment and his case was dropped. In 1998, he was charged with $500 warrant for ignoring the sidewalk smoking charge.

shia labeouf mugshot

Michael Jackson: He was allegedly charged for child molestation. The jury found him no guilty.

michael_jackson mugshot

Mike Tyson: The infamous boxer was charged for drunk driving and cocaine possessions. He received 24 hours of jail and 360 days of community service. Mike Tyson has been arrested a number of times for domestic violence.

mike tyson mugshot

Wiz Khalifa: The famous rapper was arrested in El Paso, Texas airport for possessing a small amount of marijuana.


Bill Cosby: Ahem… Do we need to say more ? 😉

Bill Cosby Mug shot

Lindsay Lohan: This mug shot was taken in 2010 after she was sent back to jail for violation of probation.

Lindsay Lohan Mugshot

Heather Locklear: She was arrested on suspicion of DUI in 2008.

heather locklear mugshot

Michelle Rodriguez: She was arrested for drunk driving in Hawaii.

michelle rodriguez mugshot

Nick Carter: He was arrested in January 2016 during a bar brawl in Florida. 

nick carter mugshot

Seth Gilliam: The Walking Dead superstar Seth Gilliam was arrested for drug possession and drunk driving in May 2015.

seth gilliam mugshot

Bruno Mars: Bruno Mars aka Peter Hernandez was arrested on Septemeber, 2010 in Las Vegas after police found him possessing 2.5 grams of cocaine.

bruno mars mugshot

Nicolas Cage: He was arrested in New Orleans on April 2011 for domestic violence.

nicolas cage -mugshot

Charlie Sheen: On Christmas Day of 2009, the comedian Charlie Sheen was arrested for domestic violence.

Charlie Sheen mugshot

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