20 Funniest Face Swaps That Will Giggle You All Day

Photoshop has been the most funniest thing people do these days. It is an incredible technology now. Never ask someone for a Photoshop of your photo on internet unless you want to feel Special. 😉 A Face swapping is where your face gets swapped with someone’s else face in the picture.  Recently even SnapChat rolled out the feature of face swapping. Scroll down to see these funny face swaps.

These are the 20 funniest face swaps that will let you giggle all day.

1. How Cute! Oh wait… 

sleeping face swap

2. Mike! You look terrifying.

mike face swap

3. Wait till you see it…

funny face swaps

4. Too close up…and then the swap.

selfie face swap

5. Probably the worst Christmas card.

christmas face swap

6. Grandpa doesn’t look so happy with the swap.grandpa face swap

7.  And they are having fun at the sandy beach. 😀sandy beach face swap

8. But Whyyyy?dolphin face swap

9. Obama is loving it!obama face swap

10. I know you got it.will smith face swap

11. What a beautiful couple. couple face swap

12. One just can’t forget the graduation day. This is hilarious.university face swap

13.  Baby and Daddy loves the swap.baby daddy face swap

14. LOL… Why Pumpkin? 😀boy and pumpkin face swap

15. Whether the Santa looks happy or not? Compare.santa and kid face swap

16.  This one is my favorite. man-dog-face-swap

17. Woody looks terrifying.woody looks terrifying

18. Granny feeds granny.. No wait..It’s uhh…baby-granny face swap

19. Come on son… Let me show you how to swim….swimming pool face swap

20. This is Ultimate…girl and horse face swap

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