This 78 Year Old Grandma is Your Inspiration to The Gym

There are millions of gyms around the world. People go there trying to do exercise, spend some time and head back. But it has been found that more than 80% of people stopped going to gym after a period of 5 months.  There is no motivation and dedication for some people. I’m sorry if you are not motivated but let’s face it straight. That’s true. 🙂

This video of a 78 year old woman named Shirley Webb shows you lifting a weight of 225 pounds in a local gym in America. That’s 225 Pounds (~102 Kilograms) weight by a 78 year old lady.  The video was uploaded by her trainer and soon she became a viral sensation online.

Shirley being age old couldn’t get herself up; since then she decided to join the gym two years ago. Look what her dedication has done now. Watch this short video and get inspired. Go to gym and put enough efforts to stay fit.

There is no one to stop her and she doesn’t want to stop weightlifting too. She loves it so much. Now, get inspired and follow the inspiration.