25 Most Ridiculous Laws From Around the World that Exists

Digging around the laws from around the world, we found some of most bizarre and well say it like most ridiculous laws from around the world that still exists. While this world is modernizing in the past few decades, there are nations which just doesn’t want to change its laws. We don’t know why such laws were implemented but we do know that these laws do exists. Here we go.

1. In Britain it is an act of treason to place the postage stamp bearing monarch’s head upside down on an envelope. 

2. In Russia, it is illegal to say the kids that Gay people exists. Well, this law was implemented under Vladimir Putin.

3. In Kentucky,  it is illegal for a woman to marry to the same man more than three times. Heck, are people really dumb enough to do that. 

4. There are seven states in United States of America where you cannot have a public office if you are an atheist.

5. Just as the NSA wasn’t enough; US authorities can access your email without any warrant if the email is 180 days old. This law was implemented in 1986.

6. Divorce is illegal in Philippines and The Vatican.

7. It is illegal to sell non-medical chewing gum in Singapore and can result in a fine of $1000. 

8. In Montana, you have something called as “proxy weddings”. This means you can send one of your friend on your behalf to become a groom or bride. This wedding will be considered valid. 

9. In Arkansas, there is a law since 1800 where you can beat your wife but only once in a month. Weird. 

10. In Arizona, you cannot have more than one vibrator in your house. Truly Ridiculous.

11. If you are in Iowa, don’t try to kiss a woman in public if you have mustache. It is illegal.

12. In Vermont, the wife needs to have husband’s permission to wear false teeth.

13. In Hong Kong, it is legal for a woman to kill her husband if she finds him cheating on her. But she has to kill him with her bare hands. 

14. It is illegal to fart in public in Florida after 6 PM on Thursday.

15. In Samoa, it is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday. That’s every man’s problem but we are with you guys. 

16. It is illegal in Turin, Italy if you don’t take your dog on a walk for at least three times a day. 

17. In Victoria, Australia, you can’t change a light bulb unless you are a licensed electrician.

18. In Switzerland it is illegal to flush toilet after 10 pm.  What if someone want’s to …. well, forget it.

19. In Canada, any comic book that portrays illegal activities are banned. Because, Canada is so f***ing nice.

20. In Britain, it is illegal to die in the House of Parliament. This is because whoever dies in the parliament comes under the authority of coroner and entitled under the law of state funeral which is only reserved for royals. So, if anyone dies there, the paramedics only declares them dead once they take out the body from the parliament. 

21. In India, it is illegal to arrest a woman after 11:30 pm without the presence of a female constable. Well, this might have two different angles if you think.

22. It is illegal in Iowa to kiss a woman in public if you have mustache.

23. This is ridiculous law again from US. There are 29 states in US where it is completely legal to fire someone for being gay. It is also legal in 33 states to fire someone for being a transgender. 

24. In Thailand it is illegal to step on money. The Thailand currency has the photo of it’s king and thus it is considered as an insult to step on it. 

25. In Lebanon, it is legal for a man to have a sex with female animal. However, if he tries to sex with male animal then the penalty is death. Because homosexual bestiality is considered sin. I consider the Bestiality as sin. 

So, what did you think about these ridiculous laws. In our future editions we are going to show you much more worse laws. So stay tuned, share with your friends and be our fan on social media.